Simple Video Pro from Mike Lantz and Nick LaPolla has just been released with a bang, but is it worth all the hype?

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I need to be clear about my motives for this Simple Video Pro review before I start. I’ve been using Easy Video Player for a couple of years with no complaints (and much to be pleased about), so it seems a little disloyal to be looking at other video products.

The truth is that video plugins have moved on dramatically in the last few months and EVP may be getting an update in the near future – but then again it may still be a long wait. Not only that, but it’ll cost a good old chunk of cash to get hold of, so there are several reasons to look around carefully.

What makes Simple Video Pro unique?

Of course every new product that comes out claiming to be a replacement for another has to do more and do it better, so what is getting everyone so fired up about Simple Video Pro?

Of course you would expect it to do stuff like having timers for buttons to appear and redirect to after viewing if you wish. These have been around for a while – and are still useful.

What you may not have seen from other software is stuff like Facebook and Pinterest integration or the ability to put a clickable watermark on your video.

It will let you use Amazon storage, but also adds Youtube as a real option, even letting you overlay the Youtube logo and control the playback options that YT normally handles.

For me, the killer feature is the chance to let your own affiliates brand your video with their affiliate link, so that if they embed your video all the affiliate mechanisms just get handled automatically. Getting that level of affiliate engagement is going to drive your sales way up, no matter what you are doing.

Not only that, but they guys have got iPhone and iPad playback covered, so you don’t have to worry about getting everything set up only to discover it won’t play on the most popular devices!

Do You need Simple Video Pro?

This is the key to it all really.

I guess if you are not going near video at all in your marketing (huh? Why not?) then it may be a step too far at the moment. My suspicion is that you will be driven down this path in the future, but we all need to focus on the stuff that is actually working for us right now – me more than most 🙂

Having said that, if you are using video at all, no matter what your delivery channel, then Simple Video Pro is going to help.

I’m moving across – even with my investment in EVP – there’s just too much in Simple Video Pro’s favour for me to ignore it. Why am I so confident? Well, Mike Lantz who runs so much of the Warrior Forum, has put his name to this product – something he has never done before – so there is a huge incentive for him to “get it right”.

If you see video in your future, I would definitely get hold of SVP (got bored with typing it out!) and learn all the features it offers. It will form part of your business for some time to come.

How much does Simple Video Pro Cost?

SVP comes in three flavours. There’s the Personal license which will give you the chance to set up 3 sites and costs $37. For an extra $10 you can get the Personal Unlimited license to use on any of your own sites without limit and finally there’s the Developer version which costs $67 where you can put the plugin on sites you create for others or sell on.

My own preference is for the flexibility of the Dev version, but for most people I think the Personal Unlimited one is probably the right choice.

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As you can probably tell, over the last few years I have spent a lot of time learning and talking about the steps needed to get into internet marketing as a way of making money online.

I’ve spoken about courses and events, I’ve shared techniques and reviews, but I haven’t really told you much about me along the way.

It’s a funny thing, but right back at the start of my time working at home, I attended a conference on professional photography, thinking at the time that it might be a way to earn money from what had become my main passion as a hobby. What’s even funnier (but in a white clown, tragi-comic kind of way) is that I turned my back on it, as it looked like I’d need several years to get established.

Here we are several years later and I don’t have a photography business, but I do have a fledgling IM business. What might have happened if I had taken that first direction?

The Wheel Turns

It’s obviously a huge mistake to look backwards at what might have been, but things do have a way of coming round again in life and I believe that I have seen one of those chances just recently.

Those of you who have been keeping in touch with the blog will know that I released my first real WSO back in May and I chose at that time to bring out a package of resale rights Facebook timeline covers based on my photographs from across the years.

Not a major money-spinner, but at least I broke even while adding a few folk onto my list!

All that editing and adjusting got me back in the mode of thinking of my “hobby” as an asset and so I dusted down a mindmap I had made as an introduction to photography.

And then, just last weekend, I was talking to a couple who had bought an all-singing, all-dancing compact system camera and who were bemoaning the fact that they still got dreadful photos from it. They didn’t feel as if the money had been well spent and the lives of their children were slipping away in a haze of overexposure and motion blur!

We had a long chat and worked out (eventually) all the little things that they just didn’t understand about their new toy and by the end of the weekend, they were happy bunnies about how their pictures were turning out…..and that made me think about unserved markets.

You can probably guess where this is going next.

I’ll be kicking off a new project to help everyone who thinks their pictures still suck, despite now owning a moderately priced compact camera. I may be able to help those with a point-and-shoot a bit too, but it’s the next level up that really need help.

To help that project get started, I splashed out on a new Canon Powershot SX260 HS (you have to love these model numbers), as I felt it was only right to talk about my own real-world examples and my trusty Nikon D300 is way up the scale to use as a real test-bed for this.

The coolest thing about it all, is that I checked my Amazon Associates account in the UK that has been earning money at a trickle for some time and I had enough in there to just about cover the cost of the camera. So, that’s me, living the internet lifestyle 🙂

Here’s a quick video of me with my new toy:

The great thing is that I have a visit to Madrid planned for next week, so although I won’t be updating the blog as often, I will be getting to grips with my compact camera and all it’s frustrations (whoever heard of a camera not taking RAW photos!).

It all goes to show, that sometimes the things you love in life are perfectly acceptable topics for product creation and marketing. Take a look at your own hobbies and passions and then check them out in your favourite keyword tool, who knows, you may be sitting on a goldmine. As a word of caution, do check out the commercial viability as one of my first blogs was based on my passion for Sudoku and that really doesn’t bring in the cash 🙂

Let me know if you want help identifying where your passions can make money – there’s gold in them there brain-cells.