I think it’s very easy when you are starting out in this business that you are not making any real progress. The individual amounts of money coming in every day seem to make very little difference and there are plenty of days when $0 seems to be the amount to report.

As you can tell, I’ve held back a bit from reporting a string of zeroes and maybe I should re-think that. It’s the rest of the days post that forces action instead of inaction and add progress towards the final goal.

As I said some time ago, if you haven’t started this kind of journalling for yourself, you should try it. It doesn’t have to be online….keep it to yourself if that is the kind of person you are, but I do think there is a responsibility that comes with sharing your numbers that maybe makes you work harder. That has to be good for a lazy person like me. (Yes, there was another word in there to start with! ūüôā )

One of the things that has come as a big and pleasant surprise is that people do care enough to re-visit and read these mutterings. My site traffic has climbed slowly but steadily throughout the time that I have committed to making these postings and I will be working to make them go even higher.

As you can tell, one of things I have finally done is to commit myself to building a proper list of folk who want to know more about IM. As I said in the last post, I’ll be giving out a second free keyword of the week to people on that list….so sign up now or miss out.

Anyway, on to the earnings for September. The month has been spent building several new sites, doing some real backlinking to a few of them, and a lot of plotting and planning for world domination (of course!). It hasn’t felt any different to August in many ways, but the numbers don’t lie….and here they are:

Adsense          £5.93 = $9
Amazon.com                  $2.94
Amazon uk    £5.51 =  $7.75
Clickbank                       $39.74

For a grand total of:   $59.43

The figure for August was around $39 and so this increase make me think I’m doing something right (if a little slowly!)

Back to more regular posts tomorrow.