As the blog develops, I will be throwing a few technical tips in now and again. Please forgive me if these break the flow of the other articles…maybe it is just the way my brain works!

If you don’t have the latest all-singing and dancing software to create videos for your blog, it might be tempting to hold off getting involved with the video explosion.

Well, like all things in the internet marketing world, you need to be encouraged to just get on with it. Somehow, a little bit of roughness round the edges makes videos seem more authentic, so don’t be put off by how simple this next tip seems.  Here’s a video of me showing you how to make a video. How “hall of mirrors” is that?!

The only thing I should add is that I have been told that leaning back makes me look staggeringly fat! So avoid that if you can. Oh, and wait for the recording to start before speaking 🙂