Today was going to be the day that I posted an update on my progress in 2011 and my targets for 2012 but what do you know, this just came up.

I have managed to lay my hands on two brand-new Kodak Zx5 video cameras and I wondered if anyone wanted a bargain?

Kodak Playsport

You may have already seen me raving about the Zi8 and it’s usefulness for internet marketing work and the Zx5 takes that to new levels by adding a more rugged exterior which waterproofs the beast down to 3 metres – something which I could have used personally in some hot springs in Iceland over Christmas (more on that later!)

I’m going to put these 2 cameras up on ebay for £95 each in the next couple of days, but I thought I’d offer them to anyone interested on my blog first. If you are and you’re in the UK, you can grab them for £90 each (which is cheaper than any price I’ve found in the UK so far) – just let me know, I’ll put a proper contact form page up today, but you can always get me at “” – you can probably work that out.

I’m going to postpone my planned post until tomorrow just to let this one remain visible for a bit longer.

It’s been an “interesting” year – sometimes in the sense of the Chinese curse – but not bad overall and I have promised myself that I will update you all on the progress of the grand experiment before the end of the year.

In the New Year, I’ll be putting up a promotion for Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey’s “The Blueprint Project Black Edition” (phew – someone has to have a word with them about that name!). I’ve decided to give an ipod touch to everyone that buys through my affiliate link and I’ll be doing some reviews as I bought their previous Niche Blueprint product at the start of this year (and like it a lot).

If you want to see the start of my site, you can find it here, but in the meantime, check out Steve explaining what the new release will cover in the first of his pre-launch videos. He talks about some of the mad things people have sold to get their business going – you can find it here.

Watch out for more details on my other site, or sign up to be informed as I think it all through. In the meantime, I wanted to wish you all an incredible Christmas, no matter what you are doing or who you are with. I hope Santa brings you something incredible in your stocking…..or maybe somone incredible in stockings 🙂