No! Really!

I just got back from Lee McIntyre’s Inside Out/Upside Down workshop in Manchester where, with 64 others, I had a truly excellent time.

Lee’s stated policy of delivering more value than you could reasonably expect was in full swing. The guy looked wiped out after doing two full days of 9am to 6pm where he was the only speaker.

Now obviously, the content is not something that I can go into in any detail, as Lee will be bringing it out for others in the future. What I can say is that I was blown away by Lee’s sincerity and integrity, his approach and business model is one that I would be very happy to be accused of using as I get into this business more.

As for the opportunity to talk to others who are already in the market – again I was well impressed. All the UK names filling up my inbox were there and a whole load of others with all levels of experience. My gratitude goes out to all of them for making us youngsters (in the business, not in the flesh!) feel so welcome. You know who you are! I’m looking forward to doing business with you.

This really gave me the chance to get beneath the skin of an industry that feels like it is surviving on the hype of the gurus at times and find out that there are real people making real money.

Roll on the next one…. Lee, thanks for making my first IM conference so good.

It seems like a crazy thing to do, but it turns out that I have launched my blog just as I am headed off to a remote part of Spain (with almost no chance of internet connectivity).

Before I head out, though, I wanted to see if my experience of learning about Internet Marketing is echoed by others. It seems to me that there is a necessary evil that we have to put up with, in order to get up to speed on all the ways to make money online.

That faustian bargain is the way your email fills up as more and more folks add you to there list.

So, hint number one: Build an email address that you will only be using for your early learning phase. That way, you will be able to work out who is for real and who needs to be avoided without having to filter your main email – a process which never quite works the way you want it to.

However, I’m not going to suggest you skip this step completely, you may find some emails and long form pages that impress you so much that you will want to emulate them.

If I have the chance I will muse for longer from Spain….but I don’t hold out much hope for a conenction.