Simple Viral Profits from Don Wilson combines two of the main internet marketing pillars – Facebook and CPA. It promises to get the traffic flowing to your CPA offers without the usual cost of using paid traffic to do it.

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As usual, if you want to check it out before reading my Simple Viral Profits Review, go here.

Simple Viral Profits Package

Don Wilson has a strong following on the Warrior Forum and so when he released this latest WSO, I decided to check out the hype for this review.

CPA is something that I’ve never dabbled with, but have started to get interested in recently, so this WSO came at the right time for me to get in at a low cost.

Once you’ve paid up,  you get a pdf with the main contents of course contained inside. Don has chosen to break down the whole subject into 5 main areas:

  1. Select A Niche
  2. Find An Offer
  3. Generate A Responsive Following
  4. Compel An Action
  5. Automate It

Inside the pdf he talks about each topic in turn and then links out from the document to a series of backup videos that clarify each point.

Overall you get 12 videos in the package as well as the original pdf. Not only that, but Simple Viral Profits also contains three checklists that Don has created to keep you heading in the right direction and a list of his own CPA account managers that have been warned to expect applications to join their networks.

This last point is a key one, as some people struggle to even get accepted into a CPA network, let alone make a profit!

Downsides to Simple Viral Profits

Actually, this is one course where I struggled to find any major faults in its presentation. If anything, I’m not a big fan of having a load of videos linked out of a pdf – it’s just a bit of a pain hopping backwards and forwards, but as you can tell, that’s hardly a major problem 🙂

Obviously I haven’t had time yet to implement Don’s ideas, so I can’t vouch for the results it will generate, but as a CPA course which concentrates on getting you free traffic, I’m going to give this one a 9 out of 10.

If you found this review useful and you are thinking of getting into CPA, click here for Simple Viral Profits.

Does Summertime Profits from Simon Greenhalgh and Tristan Bull deserve all the praise it’s getting? Nearly, but watch out for all the reviews based on a pre-release version of the product (which seems to have been slightly different).

If you want to check it out before reading on, you can find it here.

There are some products that you want to praise, want to like and promote immediately. There are others that suck so badly that you’re afraid of being pulled in to that horrible vacuum of destruction…..

….and there are still others that could be “oh so brilliant” if just a little more care and attention had gone into them.

Summertime Profits is one of those. It has a slick sales page with an inspiring promise (and if you read my Dream Niches review, you’ll know how much I like to see some consistency on a sales page), but there are just one or two things that let it down. (Edit: See the end for my revised comments.)

Summertime Profits Logo

Summertime Profits basics

Just to keep the record straight, if you buy this WSO you’ll get something like 25 videos, a couple of mindmap jpegs and a “specially created” theme. So all in all, it feels like a lot of stuff for your money.

Much of the content is good and it should come as no surprise to find out that this is a WSO about promoting (primarily) other WSOs – I bought it because I thought it might complement Tiffany Dow’s Guide to SNOS.

If you opt to buy the one time offer, you’ll part with a much bigger chunk of your cash – and for this you’ll get a way to take the main technique in Summertime Profits and then use it to build a paid version. This will cost you a little capital, but you should be able to get going (over and above all the usual autoresponders, hosting etc.) for $100-$200.

While we are in the mechanics of the site, here’s my first gripe with attention to details. Both packages are run off one hosting system with a back-end membership system controlling them but once you buy the OTO and you sign up, there is no further feedback except a tiny page saying watch for an email.

What’s worse, is that you have had to leave behind the original Summertime Profits link to get to the OTO and when you finally do get logged in, there’s no sign of it in the membership page. Is that too much to ask, I paid for both, one leads to the other and then I have to go all the way back to find the original “no thanks” link. No big problem, but easily fixed to make it simpler for buyers surely.

Now, what’s this? I then have to sign up again for the original package! It gives me exactly the same password and then suddenly it all appears in the membership site. This isn’t so good and may well leave some less-experienced users reaching for an unnecessary support call, just because their product seems to be missing.

So what is good about Summertime Profits?

I need to pull back at this point and calm down. As I said, there’s a lot to like about the ideas in Summertime Profits, especially if you are starting out in Internet Marketing.

Finding a hungry crowd and helping them has always been a good way to make money and Summertime Profits points the way to getting started fairly easily. Others definitely make good money using a variation of these suggestions, so I see no reason to think this is a scam of any kind.

The beauty for this site is that I’m already up to my neck in what they call “Method 2”, so it will be an easy tweak for me to combine some of these ideas with what I am already doing.

Why is Summertime Profits a borderline case?

It all boils down to one major flaw in the Summertime Profits layout and that flaw is just lack of attention to details. They say the devil is in the details and in this product you can smell the brimstone wafting up from the pit!

It may be, as one warrior has asked, that the videos are from a larger course and have just been pulled together for this release. That might explain some things, but underlying it all is just a sense of disorganization.  Several of the videos make reference to previous content (that doesn’t exist), there are several on SEO that appear out of nowhere in the middle of the course and there’s a general lack of care in making things clear.

Overall, these are small things that just need a bit more explanation to make the whole thing perfect.

As a product aimed at beginners, then, this leaves a lot of dots to join up. It’s a great concept, I have no doubt that it can be made to work but its target audience will probably need more help.

I’m going to give this a guarded recommendation because of those factors. If this were a school report it would probably end “has enormous potential but could try a little harder”.

My offer of help for Summertime Profits

I’ve decided, after reading back all of my thoughts, to offer help to those that buy through my affiliate link. I’m sure that the guys also offer their own support so don’t feel bad buying elsewhere, but if you want an independent point of view, let me know using my contact page after buying.

Edit: Solid Tweaks made to Summertime Profits

A couple of days after the WSO was released, they guys added a new video into the existing sequence (and fixed one of the other links.)

These 2 simple changes tidied up several of the dangling threads for me (and from comments in the forum, for others too).

As a result, in my mind, Summertime Profits went from being a 6.5 or 7 out of 10 product (just for the incompleteness) to being a solid 8/10 that might get a further promotion when I have had a chance to try it. I’m much happier recommending it now than on the day it was released.

Here’s the link: Summertime Profits