In this short video I’m going to cover the products that I have chosen to use in this challenge. Below the video is a list of all the WSOs involved if you want to follow along.

Kindle NanoNiche Goldmine and Teatime Books  both by Rob Howard (with Lina Trivedi for the second one)

Free Traffic Income System by Alex Malave

One Man Freedom System by Cory Ross and Mike Marin

Fast Track Freedom by Robert Brauer and Mike Marin

Rapid Income Funnel by Anthony Tilley

Loophole Cash Cow by Tom E

Fast Cash Commando by Paul Nicholls


If you go through the video, you’ll see why I have chosen each one and in some cases why they double up quite well. In the next post, I’m going to make a start with a couple of these products and let you know what they all use as their main way of making cash.

Add your comments below if you think I’m mad to take this on, or if there’s a particular thing you want to see me try along the way.

If you missed the start of the series, you can read it here.