It’s been far too long since I last updated this blog and there are never any excuses good enough to really justify the absence. In reality, life just caught up with me and I ended up back in full-time employment, rather than trying to create my own path in the world (for now).

As a result, I’m a Solutions Architect (pre-sales, really)  for Red Hat and I’ll add more about that at a later date.

What I wanted to do, to get back into the habit of posting more regularly, was to share some observations from my holiday which have wider applicability.

First up:

You have to invest to get the best

Yes it seems trite, but this one is driven by the shower over the bath in my current vacation apartment in Evian-les-bains!

It’s a perfectly nice shower (of its kind). Reasonably powerful, temperature controlled etc. etc. but the head is mounted so that only hobbits of the shire could stand beneath it and truly shower properly. Closer investigation shows that the head is mounted at the far limit of the armoured hose which is screwed into the tap lower down.

So, for the sake of spending a few extra euros on a longer hose, the world is condemned to shower bent over at some angle.

Getting a fractionally better tool (longer hose in this case) would bring about an almost infinitely better solution…and such is the case with so many things in life…after spending the bulk of the money, look to see what an extra 5% cost (or much less in some case) would bring about.

Help the world shower upright 🙂

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