I promised a second video today and after a bit of work, here it is:

In this one, you’ll find out how I bring the information from the previous video back into excel and where I go from there.

In a bit of great news, shareasale approved my application super-fast and so I have a new way to fill a couple of my niche websites. Ezinearticles also gave me some approvals, so it’s off to the races in the other article directories next and I even managed to get another niche article written and filled with spintext.

All in all it feels like a productive day!

I just checked round my sites and some are crawling their way up the rankings fairly slowly but the traffic isn’t enough to make any adsense earnings worth talking about.

Having said that, none of the other earnings are doing anything either, so a measly 6c earned on adsense yesterday is it for the report today.

A short while ago, I promised to make a video on how I use Google’s Keyword External Tool to find keywords to write about and build sites from. I went to get that going today and lo and behold, Google have changed the interface. Not much, just enough to ruin my old technique completely. I will re-think and show you how you can still do, but that will have to be for another video.

What I ended up doing instead, was making you a short series of videos on how I find keywords and then search for domains from them. So, here’s part one. Using the Google Keyword External Tool.

There are more of these coming as I get them uploaded to Youtube, so be patient it will be later today.

On a completely separate note, I am just trying to sign up to Shareasale as an alternative affiliate program to Amazon. There are some areas where the big A still has no offering, so I’m going to try somewhere else and see if I can get in.