Search Engine CaffeineUp for review today is Search Engine Caffeine by Dan Page – a WSO that makes some bold claims about how much you can dominate the first pages of all the search engines out there.

Search Engine Caffeine is a straight-up course on releasing your own press releases. As a result, it talks a bit about the traffic advantages of getting high ranking search engine results, but the majority of the book is about the PR side of things.

Cut to the Chase – How Good?

I’ve got to say, this is a pretty good little WSO – it would probably get an 8 if I had to rate it. The reason for that is the way that it takes you through the whole of the copywriting process for your new release. Clearly, you can”t just jump in with both feet and expect a “classic” IM headline to get accepted by a reputable PR wire agency. This book will show you how to get clicks without getting your copy rejected.

It moves into discussing all the things you need to do to keep your prospects reading and then clicking through to your site and talks about the tone of the text you should create.

Minor Niggles

My only concern with any product like this is that they often claim to rank quickly for super-popular terms, only to then throw in a load of long-tail words that make the process much easier. We never really seem to see “Dog Training” tackled any more, just “Best Dog Training in Alaska” – that kind of thing.

Looking at Search Engine Caffeine makes me feel the same way, there are a couple of terms that are just a bit longer than the grand claims suggest. There’s no doubt that they would be hard enough in their own right, but in both the book and the accompanying videos there are terms being ranked for which are a little off the mainstream. Maybe I’m just not imaginative enough to see how the resulting traffic might be used.

Anyway, it’s a small concern for a product this good. If you want another stream of traffic (often very quickly in competitive markets) then you should check out Search Engine Caffeine on the WSO section of the Warrior Forum.

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2 Responses to “Search Engine Caffeine Review”

  1. Sorina Dascalu

    Hi Martin,

    I didn’t bought Search Engine Caffeine so I won’t comment on it, since it will be unfair.

    What I wanted to say is why do you think all WSOs are using the same type of words to promote themselves or to name themselves?

    From what I’ve read in your post this WSO is about Press Releases. I took a quick look at the sales-page and couldn’t find “press release” mentioned there.

    All WSOs claim to get you #1 in Google, claim they are “insiders secrets”, “gurus unrelieved methods” but never say what they are about.

    Do you think that if Search Engine Caffeine’s author would say “I have a fantastic method to rank #1 on Google using Press Releases!” that will be terrible?

    (pardon my English, not my first language and I’s sure I made some mistakes in this comment)

  2. Martin Percival

    Hi Sorina,

    First off, your English is great! It makes my Romanian look very inadequate 🙂

    In answer to your question, that’s the whole reason I decided to start these reviews. I hate the “blind-copy” selling that has been happening across the IM world for some time and has now arrived in the Warrior Forum.

    The problem for most WSO creators is that the subjects have been covered before, so this is “just another” WSO about PR for SEO – part of that problem lies with the readers who don’t realise that things move on in the IM world so fast that a new course may be needed every now and again on the same subject.

    It’s a fine line. I have a WSO I am going to release in the near future and I’m writing the copy to push away a lot of Warriors, so I hit exactly the right group of people. I may make fewer sales, but I will know that all the buyers haven’t been sold a product falsely!

    What are your thoughts?

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