It seems strange to come back from such a long break with a post which is really a rant but I can’t hold it in any longer.

I know that there are a load of very successful internet marketers out there who make money every day from their very impressive blogs and the number of visitors they get all the time. But I hold this against the blogging community in general (and I think IM blogs in particular) – the complete lack of any attempt to check the copy which is being written.

Surely copywriting is meant to be one of the mainstays of writing anything (including a blog post) and yet these posts go out, time and time again, with no clue as to what bad English they are using.

So, here’s my favourite error…it comes up all the time so see if you can spot it in the coming week! There are 3 words that all sound the same and those words are peaked, peeked and piqued!

Peaked – To get to the maximum of something

Peeked – To sneak a look at something

Piqued – Heaven only knows, but used when you pique someones interest. Actually I looked it up…to excite (in this context)

So there you have it. No more “Taking a peak” at some details, or “I hope I have peeked your interest” and I will be a much happier man in 2010. If you are a super-dooper affiliate and are making so much money, pay someone pennies to proofread your post!

Maybe I should start an IM spelling competition – if you’ve seen any other good ones, just let me know.