No IM related japery today I’m afraid….just another wee rant.

Why is is that the plumbers and solicitors of the world can just hold the rest of us to ransom as much as they do? Aren’t they part of what is nominally called the service industries?

So how come time flows in strange ways when they are involved. If you need them, it takes forever for them to get back to you. If on the otherĀ  hand, they need you to pay, sign etc etc, then time speeds up so much that your eyes will water. I’m sure there is some kind of strange time-warping going on here…..and I’m not thinking of the Rocky Horror show either!

If we could just set up a device between their time flows and ours, surely we could power the country on the resultant energy.

Looking For A New Role

I promised to be completely open about stuff when I kicked off this personal blog and so, in a spirit of openness, I need to confess something.

I actually miss working!

That’s probably going to come as a complete shock to some in the IM space, whose only target in life has been to get away from the job in the first place. Now, of course, there are other aims in the internet marketing world. One of which is to achieve some kind of financial independence – I can’t fault that at all….we all need to be in that place at the moment.

However, what I have realised more and more about myself, is that I really do enjoy the feeling that comes from interacting with people directly. I guess it’s all tied up with being an ENTP personality on the old Myers-Briggs test.

The other thing that I miss a lot, is the speaking engagements. There is something quite special about being able to take an audience on a journey of discovery, whether selling or educating and for me the biggest fun comes with the biggest audiences. Well, that isn’t happening when I’m sat in the Command Centre at home!

Finally, I just get a buzz from technology. I may be out of my days of coding all the time, but I still want to know how stuff works and the worlds of Cloud, Crowd and Virtualisation are where I want to be learning.

So, this is not the end of the IM stuff. I will still be reporting on stuff that I learn in that space too, it’s just that I am going to go back to preaching the message of software infrastructure too. Watch this space.